About Cangzhou

About Cangzhou

Cangzhou is located in the south east of the Hebei province. It is near the capital of China, Beijing and is close to the port city of Tianjin. Being close to the Bohai sea, Cangzhou has a large fishing trade and also has many factories and refineries in the surrounding area.

Cangzhou is known as the “Lion City” as it is home to the Iron Lion. This ancient statue has been preserved and can still be seen today. As its name would suggest, Cangzhou features a lot of lions in its artwork and architecture and you are usually never far from a statue of a lion.

Weather and pollution

China has a subtropical climate. Being situated in the North, Cangzhou has very cold winters and hot summers. The typical temperature in winter is -5 and in summer rises up to 30+. It does not often rain in Cangzhou but when it does rain then it is often heavy and can cause problems for people travelling.

Winter can bring small amounts of snow which is usually not enough to stop traffic or people travelling to and from Cangzhou.

The city suffers from heavy pollution during Winter, similar to that of Beijing (although not quite as bad). In summer, the air clears up and the pollution levels drop to 25 PM2.5 or less. In winter then it is very common to see people wearing face masks to protect themselves from the poor quality of air.

English speaking in Cangzhou

While you will be able to find some people that speak English, the majority of people do not. People are very receptive to people trying to learn Chinese and generally will strive to help understand you. If you wish to travel to Cangzhou and find your way around without speaking any Chinese then you should definitely bring a simple phrasebook to make things easier.

Food and diet

Being near the coast, Cangzhou has a lot of fresh seafood and has a lot of restaurants serving fish and crab. There is a lot of lamb and mutton which is the most common meat served in barbecue restaurants. Donkey is also a popular meat and there are many restaurants specialising in serving donkey.

Cangzhou is also famous for its chicken hotpot which is, as its name suggests, a large pot of spicy/flavoured sauce with pieces of chicken inside. If you enjoy spicy food and are not averse to eating chicken off the bone then it can be very delicious.

There are western restaurants and other unique restaurants in Cangzhou. See here for a list of them.

Business and Commerce

Cangzhou city has a large number of companies and businesses that are open to international orders. A lot of overseas businesses choose Cangzhou as the location for their factory as the city is located near Beijing and near a port, which allows very easy shipping and transportation of goods.

There are often businessmen/women staying at the main hotels in Cangzhou. They come to inspect factories and to oversee production lines/product development.

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