Arcadia Hotel

Arcadia Hotel (啊尔卡迪亚酒店)

The Arcadia hotel has over 400 guest rooms and can accommodate both Chinese and Westerners. It markets itself as being a “business hotel” and has large rooms. The rooms are well maintained and kept tidy.

For anyone looking for a hotel in a central position within Cangzhou city then Arcadia is ideal. It is close to several large shopping areas and there are convenience stores located nearby too.

Facilities at Arcadia

  • Both Chinese and Western restaurants with private dining areas available
  • Gym and swimming pool
  • Halls and conference rooms that can be rented
  • Spa and sauna
  • Karaoke
  • Free WiFi throughout the entire hotel although it has fairly poor signal strength

English Speaking? While there are some English speakers working at the hotel, there are surprisingly few for an international hotel. Front desk should have no problem showing you to your room and handling simple requests but for any complex problems or questions then you may have to ask a Chinese friend to translate.

Location: The Arcadia hotel is in a central position within the city and can be seen from very far away. Show the following characters (啊尔卡迪亚酒店) to any taxi driver and they will be able to take you there.



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