Drink Translations

Useful drink translations for travelling in China

If you are unsure about what is offered on the menus at some of the coffee shops/bars, here are some translations to make ordering a little easier. Most places have translations but if they do not, you can point to what you would like. We have also provided the pinyin for the Chinese characters, reading pinyin is something that will help a lot if you travel in China and it is not hard to learn. There is a good chart for pronunciation of pinyin here.

Water – 水 – Shuǐ


  • Latte – 拿铁 – Ná tiě
  • Cappucino – 卡布奇牛 – Kǎ bù qī niú
  • Mocha – 摩卡咖啡 – Mókǎ kāfēi
  • Iced Coffee – 冰咖啡 – Bīng kāfēi
  • Tea – 茶 – Chá
  • Iced Tea – 冰茶 – Bīng chá

Alchoholic Drinks

  • Beer – 啤酒 – Píjiǔ
  • Heineken – 淅沥 – Xǐ lì
  • Budweiser – 百威 – Bǎi wēi

More drinks will be added to this menu over time. If there is anything you want to see added then you can let us know by contacting us.

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