Getting Around Cangzhou

Getting around Cangzhou

Cangzhou is quite a large city and does not have a subway system. Cars, electric bikes and bicycles are the most common ways of getting around the city. There are bicycle lanes down most streets although cars also often use these lanes.

The Taxi System

Taxis are very common and you will never have to wait long to catch one. You can flag them down on the side of a road. If they have a red light in their front window then it means they are wanting to collect a passenger and will stop to pick you up.

Most taxi drivers do not speak any English so you will need to know where you wish to go, see here for a list of common places to visit in Cangzhou.

Train Stations

Cangzhou has two train stations. One train station is called Cangzhou West Station (沧州西站) and it is connected to China’s high speed railway. This is the train station that you will likely use when going to Beijing or Tianjin. The second train station is in the east and is older and smaller (沧州东站), if you are wanting to catch a slow train and sleep overnight on a train then you will want to use this one.

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