Greenery Cafe

Greenery Cafe (绿茵阁西餐厅)

Despite being called a “Cafe” this is actually a multi-storey restaurant that has an impressive menu. The food is good and is amongst the closest you will get to Western food in Cangzhou.  It has been open for a couple of years and foreigners often go there to enjoy the food and the atmosphere.

Prices vary from 30 yuan for a thai beef curry to around 100 yuan for a steak. Budweiser costs 8 yuan per bottle which is amongst the cheapest in the city. Other drinks are slightly more expensive.

English speaking? Some of the staff members speak a little English but will probably not understand complicated questions. The menu has pictures which makes ordering easy if you do not speak Chinese.

Location: Located near the Lion Hotel and the Arcadia Hotel, Greenery Cafe is on the second floor of a large building, the bottom floor is a fast food restaurant called Yon Ho. To get into Greenery Cafe you have to go down the left side of the building (pictured below) and enter through the door on the right. Then you can take the stairs or elevator to the second floor.

greenery cafe cangzhou restaurant

The Chinese characters for the restaurant are (绿茵阁西餐厅). Show it to a taxi driver and they will be able to drive you there.

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