How to get to Cangzhou from Beijing

How to get from Beijing to Cangzhou

The distance from Beijing to Cangzhou is 181km or 112 miles, Cangzhou does not have an airport so flying to Beijing and travelling from there is the most convenient way. If you are wanting to travel to Cangzhou from Beijing then you have several options. From personal experience, most people find that taking the coach is the easiest way to travel to Cangzhou, especially if you are new to China and are not used to navigating the subway systems.

The train station is also a good option but it means you must use the subway to get to the train station first, which can be very tiresome if you are travelling with luggage.

Travel to Cangzhou by coach

This is by far the most convenient way to get from Beijing to Cangzhou. It will save you navigating the Beijing subway and waiting for trains at the south station. It is also a lot cheaper altogether than taking the train.

There is a direct coach from Beijing Airport that goes directly to Cangzhou. The coach leaves from terminal 3 and heads to terminal 2 to collect more passengers before going to Cangzhou. Tickets can be bought at a clearly signposted area in Beijing Airport and the staff who sell tickets understand basic English.

  • Travel time: Around 3 hours with one service stop.
  • Cost: 100 yuan per person. No extra fees for luggage.

Travel to Cangzhou by train

Trains run frequently from Beijing South Station (北京南火车站) to Cangzhou. The south station is easy to reach from Beijing Airport either by taxi or subway. If you are near Beijing Airport then taking the coach is recommended, however, if you are closer to the south station then a train will be faster.

  • Travel time: 50 minutes to an hour by fast train.
  • Cost: tickets are around 80 yuan per person for economy class, more for first class.

Travel to Cangzhou by taxi

This method is not advisable due to it being prohibitively more expensive than the other means of travel. It is also not much faster than taking the coach which is a safer and more comfortable way of travelling.

  • Travel time: around 3 hours
  • Cost: 600 yuan +

Any questions?

If you have any questions about travelling to Cangzhou City then please use the contact form (link on the top menu) to ask us, we can usually help sort any issues or questions you might have. All of these options also apply to travelling back from Cangzhou to Beijing, both coach and trains are services that run both ways.

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