Kei American Sushi

Kei American Sushi

Not really sure what part of this restaurant is American, but the sushi is fantastic. The staff are friendly and there is a wide variety of sushi (some noodles too) available.

Prices are around 50 to 60 yuan for a plate of sushi rolls and about 40 yuan for sushimi (sliced raw fish). The servings are large and a group of 4 people only need several dishes to feel full. There is also a fantastic selection of spirits, including imported beer and lots of Sake (traditional Japanese spirit), Whisky and Baileys Irish Cream. The alcohol is very fairly priced.

One of the best dishes is comprised of salmon and spicy tuna, the Chinese for it is (暖男).

Speak English? The staff do not speak English and the menu is not translated and has very few pictures. A simple translator app is enough to read the majority of the menu.

Location: This restaurant is in a street south of the new huabei (新华北) shopping centre.



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