Luxe (麗莎)

Luxe is a newly opened restaurant with a night club attached to it. The interior decor is lovely and the staff are very welcoming. There are private seating areas available and the tables are nicely spread out giving you  a sense of privacy no matter where you sit.

There is both Chinese and Western food available. This means steak, pizzas, curry, soups, pasta and other dishes you would expect to find. The food is good quality and you never have to wait for too long. If you are wanting to try some tea, the fresh fruit tea (新鲜水果茶) is delicious and only costs 40 yuan per pot.

English: The staff speak very limited English but the menus are translated (with some dishes being quite poorly translated) and have pictures too.

Location: Luxe is situated near the New Huabei shopping mall. The Chinese characters are (麗莎)

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