Milan Western Restaurant

Milan Western Restaurant (米兰西店)

This is one of the oldest western restaurants in Cangzhou and serves typical Chinese-style western food. You can expect pasta, steak (thinner than western steaks, cheaper too) and rice dishes as well as some Chinese dishes.

If you go to this restaurant expecting an authentic western meal than you will be disappointed, however, the food is fairly priced and good quality which makes this restaurant a great place to go if you do not want to spend too much.

English speaking? The staff can’t speak English but they are friendly and will help you to the best of their ability. The menu has pictures and is translated so pointing is enough to order.

Location: Milan Restaurant is located centrally within the city, getting there from the Arcadia hotel takes around 10 minutes by taxi. Once you are there, it is a very distinctive looking building (as you can see in the picture below). The Chinese characters for the restaurant are 米兰西店 and any taxi driver in the city will be able to take you there.



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