Pizza Creed

Pizza Creed (麦乐主义比萨)

This is a newly opened restaurant within the New Huabei area. It serves pizza, pasta, fries, noodles, rice dishes and even does a quite excellent plate of fish and chips. The pizzas are made to order and can be customised however you prefer. However, it is hard to customise them unless you are able to speak Chinese as the people who work there do not speak English. The prices are around the average for a western restaurant. Fish and chips cost 28 yuan, large pizzas are around 50 to 60 yuan.

English speaking? Non of the staff speak English, the menus are fully translated (except for the pizza list) and you can easily point at what you would like.

Location: Pizza Creed is located in the street directly behind the New Huabei (新华北) shopping mall. Show a taxi driver the following characters (麦乐主义比萨) and they will take you there.


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