Pizza Hut (必胜客)

Pizza Hut (必胜客)

On the corner of Tongtian (同天) there is a Pizza Hut. Pizza Hut in China is fairly similar to it’s western counterpart but the pizza is slightly sweeter and some of the pizza varieties are very different. They do a breakfast here, however, it is fairly poor and there are lots of better breakfast options in China.

Pizza Hut is usually very busy as it is popular amongst Chinese people. The tables are close together and there is almost no privacy unless you can get a rounded booth which still feels quite open.

The prices are almost the same as back home. Expect to pay around 100 Yuan for a larger pizza which, for China, can be considered quite expensive. Drinks are around 10 to 20 Yuan and there is free water provided.

Speak English? The staff can understand limited English. Thankfully, the menu is translated well and has clear pictures so you can order with no problems.

Location: Pizza Hut is located in Tong Tian (同天).

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