Restaurants in Cangzhou

Restaurants in Cangzhou

Here is a list of some of the most popular restaurants in Cangzhou. On each page you will find a map showing the location, an overview of the restaurant and an idea of how easy it is to order if you cannot speak Chinese. Most restaurants have picture menus you can use to order, however a few of them only have Chinese characters and therefore it is hard to order without being able to read or speak at least a little Chinese.

If you know of any restaurants in Cangzhou that you think should be listed here then use the contact form to let us know.

Western Restaurants

While Cangzhou doesn’t have any authentic western restaurants with western staff it does have some restaurants that serve western food.

  • Greenery Cafe – nice western food with friendly staff
  • Lux – A newly opened western restaurant with beautiful decorations and private booths
  • Pizza Creed – A small place that has a large selection of western food, very friendly too!
  • Pizza Hut – Similar to Pizza Huts back home, no salad bar though
  • Milan Western Restaurant – A Chinese-style western restaurant


Chinese Restaurants

There are many small Chinese restaurants that sell dumplings and other typical Chinese food.


Japanese/sushi restaurants


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