The Golden Lion Hotel

The Golden Lion Hotel (金狮酒店)

The Golden Lion Hotel (known also as The King Lion Hotel) is in an excellent position within Cangzhou city, it is close to the western train station which is where most people travelling to Cangzhou will arrive at. A short taxi ride from the station will get you to the hotel within 10 minutes.

The hotel is advertised as being international but sees very few western guests and as such, some common amenities that westerners might expect are not there (see English speaking below). The lobby is very grand and impressive and the bedrooms are kept very clean and tidy. Sadly, the hotel does not have a swimming pool, but there is a public swimming pool close by if you want to swim.

Facilities at The Lion Hotel

  • An excellent breakfast and dinner buffet
  • A Japanese restaurant that serves some very authentic Japanese sushi (quite expensive).
  • Gym + table tennis
  • Halls and conference rooms that can be rented
  • Sauna
  • Karaoke
  • Free Wifi (and a strong signal throughout the hotel)
  • Excellent free parking at the front of the hotel

English Speaking? There are very few English speakers working at this hotel and although the main desk will be able to communicate, very few other staff members will be able to give you any information in English. This hotel generally sees a lot of Chinese businessmen and very few foreigners and as such the hotel does not seem to employ anyone with a high level of English.

Having a Chinese speaking friend would be very useful.

Location: Lion hotel is very close to Lion Park and the western train station. Show these characters to any taxi driver and they will be able to take you there (金狮酒店).

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