Tourist sights in Cangzhou

Thing to see in Cangzhou City

Cangzhou has several places of interest that tourists may wish to look around. As always, showing the Chinese characters to a taxi driver will be all you need to do to get around. There are also maps with these locations marked on them below if you feel like walking instead.

The Iron Lion (铁狮子)

This cast iron statue was cast in 983 AD and is the largest known cast iron statue in China. The statue is very old and shows a lot of signs of ageing including the fact that most of it’s head is now missing. Still, the Iron Lion is worth visiting and is an important part of Cangzhou history and, indeed, Chinese history. A larger copy of the Iron Lion can be found in Lion Park if you are not interested in travelling out of the city to find it.

The Iron Lion is 23km outside of the city which means you will have to take a taxi there (or ride a bike if you have one, the roads are flat). Getting a taxi back can be a problem if you cannot speak Chinese but a local should be able to help you call a taxi back to the city.

Cangzhou Museum (沧州博物馆)

Cangzhou and the surrounding area is famous for it’s martial arts, gymnastics and magic/sleight of hand shows. The Cangzhou museum has a lot of historical artefacts relating to these subjects. It also has lots of Chinese art and frequently hosts different exhibitions that tour around China. The museum is not often visited by foreigners but thankfully the Chinese has still been translated for most of the displays.

cangzhou museum

Entry to the museum usually requires an ID card which foreigners do not have. However, you can either show your passport and if you don’t have that then the members of staff will simply give you tickets and let you enter.

Lion Park (狮子公园)

This is an impressively large park that is home of a large-scale copy of the famous Iron Lion. The copy is much bigger than the original and (as you can see below) is crafted out of stone. The park has several stadiums, areas to buy ice cream and drinks, lots of paths to walk on between trees and flowers and a large area with lots of dove houses.

As you can see below, it is a beautiful place to take a walk. You will often see people rollerblading and flying kites too. Sometimes there are performances in the park such as Kung Fu displays or lion dances.

cangzhou lion park

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